From afar a monotone silhouette of the city shimmers on the horizon in defiance of the natural world. How is it that such a place can climb into the sky and support the weight of a million souls.

  At some stage we are drawn in by our tribal heritage to find answers to questions we don't yet know to ask.

  The possibility of gazing into the mind of so many people neutralized in one setting could unearth unimaginable insights into human evolution.

 At the core of the city where time slows and pressure builds, the pace quickens, personas fade and souls are laid bare.

  It is at this point that we stumble upon previously incomprehensible questions.

  We can stand in the path of a descending crowd as they part and pass us by, unaware and seemingly unaffected.

  For the majority their responsibilities and anxieties guide them to the end. Their resilience is great and the strength of their separation can be felt. 

  But for some, the brief piercing gaze as eyes meet reveals an unguarded door. In an instant our worlds embrace in a connection that lasts an eternity.

  Fears and desires are exposed so quickly, leaving us scrambling in defence.

  Are you my past or are you my future